Astronomical megaliths engineered by the Jōmon 5,000 years ago

Welcome! WositeWisdom.net introduces Wosite, the wisdom of indigenous Jōmon civilization, to the Western world. The Jōmon people thrived in isolation on the islands of the Japanese archipelago for 12,000 years or more, from the end of the last Ice Age until the Common Era.

Scenic photos shown on this site are mostly from our field trips to Jōmon Japan. They depict the landscape, the mountains, forests, and streams, the plants that grow there, much as it was in Jōmon times. There are also photos of creations of the Jōmon people: pyramid mountains with flat tops for holding sacred ceremonies, and megaliths (like those above) that they constructed for the purpose of obtaining astronomical data related to the solar calendar and to directions on earth.

The people of those times left teachings called Wosite for the generations to follow them. We have discovered these writings in a beautiful ancient script which is attuned to the Way of the Universe.

The WoshiteWorld blog, https://woshiteworld.wordpress.com/, which began in 2016 is a resource for those wanting to know about the Wosite documents and how to read them.

In contrast to that site, this WositeWisdom site relates the study of Wosite to the wider world of conscious living. We raise deep questions for the spiritual seeker:

Who am I, really?

What kind of conscious being am I?

Where did I come from, where do I go?

Why — for what purpose — am I here?

How can I best contribute to life on this planet and in this Universe?

Join us as we explore the wonders of life. Welcome to Wosite Wisdom!

To learn more

Please read the next page, WOSITE: OUR JOMON HERITAGE for an introduction to Wosite as the language, culture, and civilization of the Jōmon people.

For detailed lessons on Wosite writing, language, and literature, see our WositeWorld blogsite, https://woshiteworld.wordpress.com/. Some WositeWorld posts are linked below.

Published by Okunomichi

This site is brought to you by Okunomichi, who represents a group of Western seekers of Wisdom. We are focusing primarily on the Wisdom of ancient Japan when there was not even a nation by that name. Over a long period of time, an advanced civilization grew independently. It developed high levels of understanding of the universe and how to live in harmony. This knowledge, these teachings, have been hard to discover for us in the West. We are finding them through our sacred network and we are sharing them with you. This is our contribution to Sacred Wisdom of the world.

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Let’s build a community of Wisdom seekers. Welcome to Wosite Wisdom!


  1. I just finished watching the recording of your presentation at the Nature Talks on 2/12/22, and wow, I thoroughly enjoyed each of your presentations, feeling the positive energy and message you are sharing. Thank you, so much, for each of your individual journey’s and that you followed your intuition, which brought you together and your passion to share with the greater world. I’m inspired!


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